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Charlotte Jones Lenswear

Your eyes are unique to you. Because of that any lens that isn’t made for you is a compromise which affects your vision. Exciting innovations in the science of digital lens design has created a revolutionary new way of seeing that eliminates those compromises.

Digital progressive lenses are the lenses that integrate how your frames, face and prescription work together. Charlotte Jones Opticians can deliver a one-of-a kind digital lens that is precisely tailored to you.

We carry a wide selection of lenses and will advise you on which one works best for your prescription , visual needs and lifestyle. We have different materials in each lens design from regular plastic lenses to hyper index lenses, transitions (photochromic) as well as polarized lenses for sunglasses.

In addition,we also make custom prescription and non prescription sunglasses.

Amongst the lenses we carry are:

  • Single vision lenses for distance and reading
  • Progressive addition lenses
  • Office lenses with larger intermediates and near zones