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Charlotte Jones Eyewear

At Charlotte Jones Opticians, we provide a wide selection of the most exclusive eyewear available including:

Horn Frames

Beautifully handcrafted horn frames made in Germany. Each horn displays unique natural colorations and the material's lightweight quality make horn frames both exceptionally beautiful and comfortable to wear.

Handcrafted Horn Frames

Thom Browne

The Thom Browne eyewear is for someone whose fashion sense is finely honed but never predictable. Thom Browne’s aesthetic is inspired by a time of true American confidence, yet that inspiration leads to something wholly modern and original. We believe the frames you choose should have a story to tell. The form of the collection is classic, the materials are unsurpassed, the details are exquisite. Hold Thom Browne eyewear in your hands and you can feel the precision. Look through the lenses and you can instantly sense the optical integrity.

Thom Browne eyewear

Sama Eyewear

This collection is the confluence of fashion, luxury and technology. Sama uses the finest materials and lens technologies and is manufactured and assembled and finished by hand in Japan for a level of unsurpassed quality. Modern yet classic, stylish yet understated, Sama is the preferred eyewear of countless superstars and international jet-setters.
Luxury Sama Eyewear fashion Sama Eyewear

Oliver Goldsmith Spectacles

WHO IS OLIVER  GOLDSMITH ? Think 20th century  icons : Grace Kelly ,Peter Sellers ,Michael Caine in his signature black spectacles ,Audrey Hepburn in the big white glasses that framed her elfin face. Royalty were also clients including princess Grace of Monaco, The Duke of Windsor ,  Princess  Magaret  and Diana Princess of Wales.
Oliver Goldsmith has been a family run business since 1926. Goldsmith aimed to cater to the higher end of the optical market and hired a group of craftspeople who were able to make real tortoise shell spectacle frames by hand .He then expanded the collection from tortoise shell frames to acetate to create more experimental styles and led the evolution of eyewear from a medical necessity to a fashion accessory. In the early 2000s, their 1960s and 1970s styles became fashionable again, driven by the enthusiasm for so- called ‘vintage’ fashions.

The original & Genuine Oliver Goldsmith Retro spectacles are re-produced from samples that have been archived from the past so that all the features and finish have been incorporated into the collection that is now being offered in the 21st century. His reputation for Q E C (quality ,elegance and comfort )stands behind every frame that is handmade in Japan.

Oliver Goldsmith Spectacles

Claire Goldsmith

Claire Goldsmith makes some of the worlds most sophisticated and beautifully designed glasses and sunglasses. She is the great grand daughter of Oliver Goldsmith, one of the most influential designers and creators of modern day eye wear and the man who also dressed the eyes of iconic fashionistas such as Audrey Hepburn and Michael Caine.
If you want a truly beautiful hat you go to a milliner like Philip Treacy. If you want incredible shoes you go to Christian Louboutin, but if you want glasses that are amazing quality and that are unique and timeless in their design, then it has to be a Claire Goldsmith frame that you invest in.

Theo Eyewear

What began as a memo... on an order form has developed into the slogan for the most headstrong Belgian brand of spectacles: 'theo loves you'. To this very day the motto connects everything theo does, every decision, every collection. It was the love for their clients that made Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, opticians with their own store, decide to design and present a collection under the name of theo. Why? Well, simple: because they wanted to offer their clients something other than the mainstream glasses that were selling at the time. So, in 1989, the first theo glasses became a fact. And they were groundbreaking. With every following collection, it became increasingly easier to reach the consumer. Today, more than 20 years later, theo is sold in 1,400 stores across 50 countries... and theo loves them all!

Gold and Wood

Captivated by the beauty and feel of fine woods, Maurice Leonard embarked on a fascinating adventure in a small spectacle-making enterprise that at the time had only about ten employees. Starting originally with all-wood or wood and silk, Maurice Leonard set out to make elegant, refined frames for people who appreciate beautiful objects.

Life moves at a rapid pace and the more we do and faster we move the more we become disconnected from life itself. By taking the time to hand craft the world's most elegant Eyepieces™, made from the most exquisite natural materials, Gold & Wood strives to bring its owner back in touch with the magical world that surrounds us.

Before Gold & Wood products become Eyepieces™, they are the noble materials in their raw form: The Gold, The Wood and The Buffalo horn. Only by the patient hand craftsmanship in the Gold & Wood atelier do these materials transform into Eyepieces™.

To unite these rare materials is the process that awakens the magical element .This is what makes Gold & Wood unique.

This magic is the secret ingredient of Gold & WOOD.

Gold & Wood is socially responsible for a creative process, which fully respects sustainable development, in terms of manufacturing and in the procurement of raw materials.

About the horn
The African and Vietnamese buffalo horn is taken from domesticated animals meant for the butcher’s shop. Indian horns are taken without mutilation or cruelty, mindful of cows’ sacred nature in this country. A Health Certificate issued by Indian authorities attests to the veterinary origin and good health of the animals.

About the wood
Very little wood is used in manufacturing the settings. For example, the production of a thousand eyeglass temples requires cutting down a single tree. The anallergic nature and lightness of this entirely natural material is a major asset for the settings. For all woods used in its collections, Gold & Wood resorts to an FSC-certified supplier, a guarantee of the right and proper monitoring of the wood’s traceability by an independent certification agency. Its raw woods, from a controlled provenance, come exclusively from regions of the world where systematic reforestation is in effect and monitored by local authorities. Furthermore, the supplier’s facilities are equipped with used-water filtration and purification systems. As for the dyes used in staining the raw material, they boast extremely low toxicity rate and are strictly environment-friendly.

A certified manufacturing process,Gold & Wood incorporates the most demanding ecological criteria in the entire manufacturing process of its settings, along with specific ecological and economic management of its waste. In April 2009, Gold & Wood’s latest relevant evaluation allowed the company to obtain the renewal of the «SuperDrecksKëscht® für Betriber» certificate, issued by Luxembourg’s Ministry for the Environment, represented by the Environment Directorate and the Chamber of Professionals. This certificate of high quality concerns the collection and sorting of waste, its storage, removal and elimination, as well as preventive measures, to limit the production of waste.

Beausoleil Eyewear

Frederic Beausoleil created his first eyewear collection in 1987, in Paris, in a shop where buffalo horn and genuineturtle shell frames were handcrafted.Today Frederic Beausoleil frames are still crafted with the highest regards for the traditional eyewear craftsmanshipwhile incorporating the latest techniques.

Creation is strength! The strength to impose to oneself the respect of the finest craftsmanship, the pursuit of the style that will sign this unique perspective. First comes the inspiration. Then the research of the best exclusive raw materials capable of translating the elegance and sophistication of the design. Finally colors and more colors to give life.

Martin & Martin

Claire Goldsmith Glasses

Dita Eyewear

Dita Eyewear This collection introduces stylish eyewear inspired by vintage frames from the 50's through 80's utilizing modern materials and shapes. Dita's designs distinguish themselves with quality, look and fit which allows the design of the frame to compliment features of the wearer and contribute to their overall style.

Dita Eyewear

Zero G

Zero G titanium frames have zero gravity and are weightless. The unique hinge system is designed without screws or solder-points and the spindle is guaranteed not to loosen or fall out - a guarantee unique to zero g.
Zero G Titanium Frames


Fukui, Japan is one of the three largest production regions for optical frames in the world.97% of Japanese-made optical frames are manufactured in Fukui. Masunaga Optical premiered the production of eyeglasses in Fukui in 1905. The company founder Gozaemon Masunaga brought in skilled craftsmen from Osaka and Tokyo with the ambition of setting the optical industry solidly in place in Fukui.

He entered into the industry the hard way, and at first the eyeglasses manufactured in Fukui were regarded to be third-rate in the world. In order to raise the quality standards of the products, Gozaemon established a guild like system where full-fledged craftsmen could create their own businesses. Owing to this system, the number of eyeglass craftsmen increased gradually, and the optical industry spread all over Fukui.

There are as many as 200 manual processes involved in making an optical frame. Generally, productivity is low when one company is in charge of all the processes. However, Masunaga Optical is the only company in Japan that has a factory in charge of all processes from raw materials to production and finish in an integrated way. The integrated production system improves the detail and quality. For example, when Masunaga Optical develops a new model, the molds are always built in-house. If there is a problem in the wear comfort that can be felt only after completing one pair of glasses, it will be corrected in the previous process’ promptly.

The company’s mission statement since the establishment is “We manufacture excellent eyeglasses. We want to make a profit if we can, but we don’t hesitate to take a loss. It is always in our thoughts to manufacture excellent eyeglasses.” These words are still the basis of the conduct code of employees even more than 100 years after its establishment.
RVS Handmade Eyewear RVS Eyewear

RVS by V

The vision of quality eyewear built to last a lifetime. RVS handmade eyewear was founded with the goal of bringing back the quality and originality that was put into eyewear of the past. It's colorful matt finishing, hand painted red screws and vibrant color combinations have quickly given RVS eyewear a unique place in the eyewear industry. All our frames are hand assembled in limited quantities and manufactured according to our client’s request.
RVS Handmade Eyewear RVS Eyewear

Michel Henau

Belgians Michel Henau and marc Delagrange create edgy, colorful and whimsical collections.This brands' unique style can be found in 20 countries worldwide,but only through a highly curated network of independent opticians.
Michel Henau Glasses

Coppe & Sid Eyewear

Coppe & Sid products are ITALIAN DESIGN creations. The best care and the numerous quality verifications on the utilized materials as well as on the several workmanship processes are guaranteed by an ONLY MADE IN ITALY production.
Coppe & Sid produces cosmopolitan eyewear. Their trade mark and leitmotif is a thin sliver of genuine Lapis Lazuli inserted in the temple.

Coppe & Sid Eyewear

Kala Eyewear

Made in the USA this brand mixes modern and retro styles

Many of the above eyeglass frames are available in petites and grand sizes