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Charlotte Jones Opticians - Luxury Eyewear BoutiqueCharlotte Bryn Jones is the creative vision behind Charlotte Jones Opticians.Charlotte is a licensed optician, an optometrist and an eyewear stylist who studied and honed her craft abroad. Having lived and worked across the globe she embodies both British and African style and elegance.

She came to New York over a decade ago and has worked with the finest eyewear boutiques in Manhattan.

Charlotte believes that your eyewear should reflect your look and personality as well as your mood. When selecting eyewear she feels that it is important that your frame is not only comfortable but also enhances your facial shape and coloring. This is why she personally selects her eyewear collection based upon quality, comfort, design and style with the individual in mind and making it effortless to accessorize with your eyewear.

Charlotte feels strongly that eyewear should not merely be considered utilitarian but an integral part of your meets function!

With her expertise , passion for optics and love for fashion and eyewear, she was inspired to open her own luxury eyewear boutique-Charlotte Jones Opticians, Midtown West, NYC